stock-photo-front-of-small-airplane-173124047Aviation Law is a highly specialized field of law that consists of operators, pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, manufacturers, passengers, and the laws and regulations that govern their activities. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of FAA regulations, a strong background in law, and a thorough understanding of aviation. I am a pilot and have the knowledge to help you.

Aviation law includes litigation on behalf of passengers, and the families of passengers, who suffer from a loss or injury due to an aviation disaster or accident. It also includes defending pilots from a potential FAA violation that was the fault of a manufacturer or some other party. The FAA regulations are complex, so call me so I can tell you how my legal background and pilot experience can help you with your aviation case.


  • Accident Crash Litigation
  • Helicopter Crash Litigation
  • Aviation Insurance Disputes
  • Aircraft Purchases, Sales & Leases
  • FAA Enforcement
  • Airport Laws and Regulations
  • Air Traffic Control Negligence Claims
  • Flying Clubs
  • Drones

Aviation law is a very complex division of law and government regulations. Please call me and let me use my experience in handling aviation matters to help you determine the best avenue to resolve your aviation issue.

Think you have a case? Call me to find out.

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