stock-photo-focused-warehouse-workers-talking-together-in-warehouse-256009426If you are like me, you take your job seriously. Doing a good job provides respect and dignity while you earn a paycheck. When you suffer an injury at work, you lose not only your income, but the respect and dignity you feel from completing your job.

The workers’ compensation system is in place to provide some security for an on-the-job injury.

Many on-the-job injuries are caused by a third party who is not your employer or a co-employee. When a third party has caused or contributed to your injury, you should consult a personal injury attorney immediately. Evidence can be lost or misplaced and witnesses forget details. Call me so that I can help you understand your rights.


  • Subcontractors
  • Delivery Personnel
  • Manufacturers of Defective Products
  • Defective Cranes and Lifts
  • Improper or Defective Safety Equipment
  • Fuel Storage Equipment
  • Defective Wiring
  • Defective Construction Equipment
  • Defective Tools
  • Trespassers
  • This list is almost endless

With so many different people with different employers on a work or construction site, and with so much equipment that could be rented, owned, or manufactured by another company, you should consult an attorney familiar with workplace injuries. Please call me and let me use my 38 years of experience in handling workplace injuries to help you decide if you have a third party claim in addition to, or instead of, your workers’ compensation claim.

Think you have a case? Call me to find out.

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